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How we Help

This company was designed around understand and taking into account what the pressures of ‘care’ involve. It was developed through personal experience, realising the fact that the elderly living at home without a seamless care solution simply does not work, so we took steps to make it better.

People are now living longer and it is likely that people their 60’s are looking after people in their 80’s. This results in a trying time for the whole

Surround ‘Care’ process is delivered by experienced carers who have been inducted through a proven training process with this company. We like to see for ourselves what knowledge our carers have and once your care plan has been agreed, we will do our very best to co-ordinate the care as consistently and seamless as possible..

Surround Care has the expertise and the knowledge and most of all we wanted to provide something a little bit more personal.

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    Live life Smile

Mission Statement

Surround Care also referred to as ‘Surround’ expect to enhance the quality of life for vulnerable people who require care in their own home, this includes assisting with personal requirements where appropriate.

Surround Care will ensure the provision of a correctly qualified nurse or carer according to the desired requisite.

Our aim and belief for providing Home Care Service, is to enhance the quality of life for the service user, brought about by our high stan-dard of care and attention

Surround Care makes certain their standards are high by using our own mandatory training, our skills, our knowledge and our research. Surround Care team, Manager and Director instruct and carry out continuous skills level training which includes work observation for all our trusted and trained Care staff

Surround Care ensure within our training process that;

All people will receive services which ensure personal dignity.

All people will be treated respectfully as individuals with life experiences.

All people will be listened to.

All people will be able to retain their rights of citizenship.

Surround Care comply with all legislative procedures and carry out reference checking, sight of qualifications, correct interviewing techniques and DBS/CRB Checks, together with various alternative identity checks, including work permits, passports and driving licences.