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A Professional Provider of healthcare Professionals

Enabling Personal Independence

Surround Care is one of the most experienced suppliers of Personal and Care Assistants, Support Workers and Nurses in the UK and with our dedicated experience we specialise in the provision of care services in the community.

Surround Care provide a comprehensive range of services to assist you in your daily life.  Through such services we enable you to enjoy a greater sense of independence.

We assist people of all ages and abilities, including;

  • Supporting Older People
  • Supporting Mental Health
  • Supporting Learning Disabilities
  • Supporting Families

Personal  Assistance from Surround Care provides support that respects your dignity

Determining a Care Plan is key to delivering the right level of support for your own needs.  Surround Care will complete a full risk assessment within your own home and through consultation with yourselves identify your personal requirements.  This information is recorded in your Care Plan.

Once determined, your Care Plan may be made up of any combination of Surround Care’s support services.

It could include (but you can exclude) depending on your needs;

Surround Care’ Visual Care solution’

Help with getting up

Washing and Dressing



Assisted bathing

Medication Supervision

Collecting Prescriptions


This list is not exhaustive and a bespoke package can be arranged.  It could include the Provision of light household duties, assisting with nutritional needs, preparing and help with meals, night sitting / sleep over service.

Reassurance that you are in the safest of hands

Your peace of mind is at the forefront of what we do.  For this reason anyone we send to you will be fully vetted, trained and inducted to the industry’s highest standards.  This ensures they are qualified and competent in all key areas of care delivery.

Our staffing professionals undergo a rigorous selection process when they join the team.  All candidates are required to pass a face to face interview and are subject to a thorough vetting procedure.

Taking the first steps to making ‘Surround Care’  your Service Provider


If you would like to choose Surround Care to provide your care going forward, all you need to do is telephone 01582 483 400 and speak to the person who picks up the telephone, or ask a friend, relative, neighbour, Social Worker or your GP to get in touch with us.


With your permission, a representative from ‘Surround Care’ will visit you and agree your ‘Care Plan’.


After agreeing your ‘Care Plan’ with you, (unless you specifically request otherwise), we will leave you to think about things for at least 48 hours or up to 7days, just in case you change your mind.


If you would like to proceed with your request and Care Plan, you will be asked to sign an ‘Agreement to Proceed’ form and set up a ‘Standing Order’.

Setting up Standing Order Payments

Once you have a Care Plan all you need to do is set up a Standing Order with your bank and send a  copy of the instruction to Surround Care.  The Standing Order should not be cancelled unless your ‘Care’ arrangement changes, you must do this to pay for your on-going service.

This arrangement will ensure that payments are automatically made to cover your invoice costs.

‘Surround Care’ promise that any overpayment will be refunded and that you will be notified if there is an underpayment or a financial problem.

How much does ‘Surround Care’ cost?

This will very much depend on your Care Plan.  Please be assured however that we have an extensive range of support packages that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and your Standing Order budget.

Your right to choose  under the Government Direct Payment Scheme.

The Direct Payment Scheme

Direct payments were first introduced by the government in the 1970’s.  However since 2005 the scheme has been opened up and now all individuals can receive funding for ‘care and support services’.  This is instead of local Social Services arranging community care on your behalf.

What this means is that (if eligible for Direct Payments) you are now free to choose your service provider.

Who is eligible for Direct Payments?

The following individuals are eligible for Direct Payments; (subject to consultation with your local Social Services Care Manager or Social worker).

  • People over the age of 16 years old who require assistance.
  • Disabled people
  • A person with parental responsibility for a disabled child.

The types of Services your Direct Payments can pay for.

The following types of services can now be obtained by using your Direct Payments:

  • Opportunities for short breaks
  • Assistance with tasks of daily living
  • Social activities/leisure activities
  • Meal provision
  • Assistance with travel

Where to get more advice on Direct Payments.

You can contact the Direct Payments department by telephoning your local Social Services.  Alternatively if you have an existing social worker, they will be able to discuss the Direct Payment option with you.